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Songs without Words

Mixed-Media Installation
Exhibited at: Yokohama-ZAIM
Graduation Exhibition of Inter-Media Art Course,
Tokyo University of the Arts, "Project the Projectors 2006"

The room for this exhibition had a great depth, and on the other hand, a narrow width.
Such structure of the room made spectators conscious of the symmetry of the walls naturally.

I provided each one of these walls with the exhibition differently composed,
and the whole room itself was one installation work.

In this work, what was considered inartistic, made a clear contrast to its counter-part.
Each wall had same elements;
one big square picture[1620mm each side] and six tableaux facing their counter-elements.
However, on one side, pictures are left in a deserted atmosphere like in old wasted factories.
On the other side, we would find some pictures exhibited tidily like in some gallery.

This work does not only tell that
the category called "pictures" is the notion which has been written in particular way historically,
but also has gained its original polyphonic manner of the space-composition.


Mixed-Media Installation
Exhibited at: Pepper's Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition "iconostasis", 26th-30th March 2007


The word "iconostasis" means the wall which is used by the Orthodox Church,
and is covered with worshiped icon.

For the explorers who seriously think of the present form of art,
art history must be the iconostasis.
Technologies of reproduction and communication enable us
to access the works made in different region and time without any difficulty.
We may find not just the difference of individual aesthetic sense
but the motives accumulated and frequently repeated.

In this exhibition, let us try to rethink about the strength of such sense
and give it the contemporary style.

*Paintings: Explanatory Notes:

Used Materials for all of the paintings shown below: Acrylic on Canvas

Echo, sings 1620*1620 2005-06

A Score 910*727 2005

Quiet Pilgrimage 910*727 2006

Organ Sinfonia
1000*1000 2012

Foggy Sea 220*273 2010

The Immortal Forest and Its Paths 1620*1620 2010

"painting portraits"
230*160 6 tableaus 2005-07

Etude for Utopia
2009 Digital Media 42:677

[ 8 sequential scenes from this work are shown below: left to right ]


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